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Efficient logistics strategies help optimize your procurement

Identifying the best strategy of efficiently optimizing your procurement will fall upon how effectively you can logistically move your Consumable products through your supply chain to the Consumer. We look ahead, developing new structured and flexible working solutions within Logistics to help optimize your supply chain, reducing your costs and increasing your visual control and communication within a multitude of diverse effective techniques.


The Consumable Industry is as we know is the largest and most competitive Global sector, simply because we all have to eat drink, read, a circle of Technology, produce products that save lives every day, an industry we will always have a need for.




Our clients procurement is vitally important when deciding who is essentially in control of the Logistics processes and payments outside of the EU, how much control and visibility do you require? Our International Logistics Supply chain management is strategically set up to provide a strong infrastructure, working upon the terms of shipping our clients and consignee are happy with. Knowing and managing the process upon your terms of shipping whether by Sea, Air, Road or Rail, our International Departments work in motion with Millbrook and your supply chain, enabling our group to communicate in time and pro-actively.


Client transparency and improving lead times within the Consumables Industry will only strengthen your working supply chain, managed pre-inventory available due to our transparent track, acknowledging your distributors or buyers of your product arrival days/weeks, even months in advance, not hours. retrieving documents Online with ease, adding value within reducing costs of admin processes.


• Pharmaceuticals / Medical products

• Technology – Electrical goods, computing and appliances

• Foods and food stuffs, Drinks

• Clothing

• Raw Materials / Minerals

• Stationery, Toys, Fitness equipment  

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